Wednesday, May 18, 2005

EBay Importers....Save 600% on Customs Fees

Every one buying off of EBay is looking for a great deal but, if you are purchasing good from another country be careful of customs clearance charges and duty which can eat into your savings.

Shipments of goods between Canada-The United States-Mexico are subject to the North American Free Trade Agreement. This is good news as it eliminates duty on goods produced in North America and a number of foreign produced goods.

While NAFTA eliminates the duty, there is still a need for goods to be cleared through customs.
It is these customs charges that can vary widely and depending on the value of the product, represent close to an additional 100% of the purchase price.

If you can afford to wait a little longer for your goods to be delivered, then you can save up to 600% on the customs fees (not bad for the sake of a couple of extra days).

To get these savings you should use the US/Canadian postal service rather than a Courier company.

Customs Clearance charge(on top of freight) through a major courier is roughly $35.00
US Postal Service...$5.00
Savings 600%

Both Canada Post and USPS offer shipping services that allow you to insure the package and track shipment.

When you purchase something for $40.00 and are presented with a service charge from the courier for $30.00 more than the alternative, it hardly seems worthwhile shopping cross boarder.


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