Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Latte a day keeps the Savings away.

Ever add up the cost of your favorite morning Perk?

While we all need our favorite cup of Java, Premium Coffee is eating away at your savings.

Let's say you have a modest habit of 1 latte a day at work. What does it really add up to.

Using the Coffee Savings Calculator a modest one latte a day habit can take over $1,000.00/year out of your pocket.

Over the next ten years, this will total more than $13,200.00 when interest is factored in.

There are ways to enjoy your Java and still keep money in your pocket.

Think about buying a reasonably priced coffee machine that will serve your needs.

For a couple hundred dollars, you can get a great machine that will serve your Latte needs . Consider shifting your preference to a premium press type of coffee like an "Americano" or Espresso...great taste and lower price.


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