Friday, July 15, 2005

Speed up Your Savings with Slow Food

Many people have a hard time managing the food budget.

With busy schedules, far too many people have turned to pre-packaged foods to save time but, what is the cost, where are the savings and what are the benefits?

To better understand the impact pre-packaged foods have on your budget and waistline, consider the amount of marketing dollars that go into the packaging, advertising, and delivery this is before any ingredients are added.

In an effort to improve the quality of the food you eat and generate real savings, you may want to consider cutting back on boxed foods and quick service lunches in factor of preparing your own meals with fresh ingredients.

While cooking may be viewed as a chore by many, it presents an opportunity to connect with friends and family over a good meal and take pride in the fact that you created it on your own.

Coming to an understanding of how you can create cost saving meals that will rival those found in expensive restaurants, may start with a visit to the Slow Food Movement.

The philosophy behind Slow Food is based on the promotion of locally grown products and an understanding on how to cook and appreciate food rather than rely on the microwave to reheat factory prepared meals.

While learning too cook better meals may not be a quick savings fix, it will pay off with significant benefits over time.

As you gain confidence in your culinary skills, you will soon see your restaurant bills take a steep drop, as you will be able to prepare meals that rival and even surpass your favorite restaurants.

In addition, your newfound appreciation for quality food will help you control your weight, as you will be able to understand and monitor fat intake.


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