Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Beat Rising Fuel Costs with Energy Saving Boiler Controls

For those of us in North America looking for ways to cut rising fuel costs and save money on heating, It may be wise to consider placing some controls on our heating systems.

Boiler Controls are one area of savings that can be applied to Domestic Hot Water Production.


* Reduced energy consumption.
* Reduced heat loss from distribution piping during periods of low or no domestic hot water use.
* Reduced fuel costs.


* This measure must be implemented by a qualified tradesperson.
* Insulation of all exposed DHW piping is recommended.
* Lack of insulation on distribution piping may result in a large water temperature drop by the time it reaches taps furthest from the boiler. Complaints and significant water and energy wastage may result.
* Setback of the supply temperature cause problems for tenants who use hot water during the setback time period.
* Lime build-up in the distribution piping can restrict hot water flow. Replace the affected pipes as soon as possible.


* This measure requires a mechanical timeclock and modifications to the hot water temperature controller.
* It should be possible to reduce the temperature to 46°C (115°F) between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. (Sufficient time is required to fully recover temperatures before morning hot water demand peaks).
* Some experimentation is necessary to establish the longest setback period that is acceptable to residents.


Results in savings can be influenced by:

* The efficiency of the existing system.
* Domestic hot water consumption levels.
* Number of retrofit measures implemented.

Cost for commercial installation - $300 to $400


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