Monday, November 21, 2005

xbox 360 launch as a learning moment...

For all the parents out there worried that their child is not going to develop, because they don't have the hottest gift under the tree, you may want to take the time and really evaluate the expense of a gift like the new xbox 360 rather than go out and buy it just because the Christmas marketing machine says it is great, and that it will run out.
As the folks over at Gizmodo are pointing out, the reviews are mixed and rather underwhelming.

For those who remember Cabbage Patch Kids, the sense of hysteria that comes as folks scramble to get that must have gift, should be balanced with critical thought that balances the premium you pay over the real need.

With the new console coming in at $400 plus dollars, plus the added cost of games, the new game technology is a far cry from the toys of old, and represent a significant investment.


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