Sunday, January 01, 2006

Cell Phones for the Kids...

Until recently, I did not see the need for teenagers to have cell phones, however, this perspective has changed in recent weeks.

With some of our Kids' friends racking up phone bills in excess of $250/month, the need for prepaid cellphones for kids has really hit home.

As someone who worked in the cellphone application field, which has caused me to become somewhat of a luddite, I have come to really understand just how powerfull the security pitch the carriers are making to parents is when the boy missed his bus one night and we could not track him down.

This precipitate the prepaid cell phone gift this christmas.

This wonderful tool gives us the ability to keep his calls on a budget and the piece of mind that a cellphone brings.

When it comes to a cellphone for personal use look closely at the prepaid plans.
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