Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Parking Tickets? Guilty with an Explaination!

Depending where you live, parking tickets can be a minor nusance or a major expense.

On a Saturday afternoon in May 2004 I came out of a restaurant to find a parking ticket on the winshield.
After looking at the signage, I was enraged and vowed to fight the ticket because, according to the signs I had the right to park there.

Not knowing how the system worked, I opted to contest the ticket only to find that it would take about a year to set a court date. After getting my day in traffic court years later I found it facinating the amount of money that can be saved by fighting a parking ticket.

The process as I observed is a crowd of people are all summoned to court and the judge asks who wants to plead guilty with an explaination. If you want to fight, you need to wait (likely all day based on the cases ahead of me), my suggestion is to run to the front of the line when the judge calls for those pleading guilty with an explaination.

After watching several people state their case to the judge and the judge slash their fines by 50-100% I opted to get in line and get out as quick as possible.

My savings 70% off the ticket...if you factor in the interest I collected on the orignal fine amount that I held on to for close to two years; and the income tax I paid on the money saved my savings are around 100%.

The key here is to realize that your time is valuable and not to wait to get a full hearing. Plead guilty with an explaination, pay a reduced amount on your fine and get on with your day.

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