Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tap into Savings on Bottled Water

Bottled water is one thing that has puzzled me for years.

I understand that there are many areas of the world where bottled water is a necessity but, as a Canadian who has access to excellent water out of the tap, the concept of paying more for bottled water than gasoline has me puzzled.

While I've been known to buy the occasional bottle of cold H2O on a hot day and I do like "Fizzy Water" at dinner the prospect of paying for $1.00 for 500ml of water has never sat well with me.

Yes you can buy a case of water at a lower price, this still does not compare to the savings you can achieve if you buy yourself a reusable water bottle and bring your own.

Consider the cost and environmental savings that can be had by investing in a durable nalgene water bottle and filling it regularly from your tap.

Based on recommended water intake calculations, one can save approximately $3-8 per day if you substitute your own water for bottled.

With regard to fizzy water, consider a 2l bottle of club soda rather than a name brand savings will be in the area of 50%.
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